Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You know you are an "adult" when...

Here is a picture of my most recent artifact of adulthood. It is honestly my most prized possession (and since it was given to me by one of my dearest friends, it is even more special to me.) Isn't is sooo beautiful? When did a MIXER become my most prized posession?
What artifacts of adulthood do you consider prized possessions? Maybe your wedding dress? Your motorcycle? Your house? Your knife set? Your grad school diploma? Let us know in the comments! Or send me an email with a .jpeg and I'll do a little artifact posting party. :)


  1. Now you can make krautburgers Mara!!!

  2. hmmm, this isn't quite a "prized possession" but definitely a sign that i'm becoming more like my mother: i have plants on my balcony...and I worry about not taking adequate care of them. Five years ago, I probably wouldn't have cared if they lived or died. Definite sign of adulthood. *le sigh* Sidenote: Ms. Clover, love your blog!