Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Key to Balancing is Never Looking Down

Balancing priorities in life has to be one of the biggest challenges of adulthood for me.

For example, I want to blog every minute of every day, I want to breathe blogging, and sing blogging, and listen and learn from blogging. And yet, I have to make choices. I go to work to pay the bills (luckily I like my job too), I attend graduate school, I have homework for said graduate school, I have a bf, and friends, and two cats, and a blog. Blogging always gets pushed to the end of the list. It’s the tough choice that I have to make, and let me tell you, it is a choice based on survival and not on preference:

But that is part of being an adult I guess -- putting aside dreams for pragmatism. Realizing that responsibilities trump pastimes.

Lately, I am balancing not only my responsibilities, but also my checkbook. One of my best friends is getting married in July and her wedding involves travel and is going to be very expensive for me. And I love her and adore her, but sometimes I don’t think she realizes how hard it is to balance. How I have to choose between eating, paying rent, or putting aside money for her wedding and events.

Being an adult also means you can’t please everyone. You just have to do your best and hope your blog-friends and your soon-to-be-married friends like you enough to understand.

How does everyone else cope with balancing life? Do you have any advice to offer those of us who struggle every day? How do you approach your friends who may not understand your balancing act? How do you find time for doing the things you enjoy? Discuss.


  1. Really funny post. I was holding my stomach after reading the post. Firstly i was attracted by the heading of the post but the content was a real different thing. Nice post.

  2. We hear you! Since we are friends as well as writing/blogging partners (in crime) we have to schedule time to write, and also time to play. Usually we end up binging on writing and then stop and try and fit in something fun (like our blog!). Trying to balance work, basic exhaustion at night (which makes being creative difficult) not to mention mortgage... is exactly what you said - a challenge. Live day to day, remember what's important, take care of yourself, and know that your true friends will understand ;) Sometimes it's good to let the fun times roll - eat a lot of cheesecake and watch a really really bad lifetime movie!

  3. It's not easy being an adult sometimes... ugh. It's SO important to find time (any time) between To-Do's and Must-Do's to go out and 'smell the roses' (sorry for the cliche). When we are old, and we try to remember the good ol' days... it will be the simple moments that mean the most.