Monday, June 21, 2010

"Say Something Interesting About Something Interesting"

One evening, a professor in my graduate program was giving a lecture about our graduate program.

(Note: I am pursuing my M.A. in Rhetoric and Writing Studies with an emphasis in Technical and Professional Communication at San Diego State University. One more semester to go! Woo hoo! Note #2: Obama is not my professor. ::sigh::)

So this professor said to the class (in a thick Polish accent), "Through the years my friends have often asked me, 'What is this rhetoric? What exactly do you do as a rhetorician?' What I tell them is the same thing I tell my students: we say something interesting about something interesting."

While I don't plan on being a rhetorician by trade, what I took away from that lecture helps inspire me, but also challenges me, when it comes to this blog.

Here at Adulthood my goal is for us all to think about things that affect us, stir us, motivate us, enliven us. I try to examine topics that are meaningful -- to say something interesting about something interesting.

And while my posts are long[*], I promise I will continue challenging myself to bring you stimulating content and food for thought[**].

And did I mention how much I value your comments and emails? That really keeps this blog alive--in a kind of collective-blogging-brain sense. And that's what keeps it interesting. So thank you for your thoughtful words and to all those silent readers, thank you too for your vigilant companionship to the little-blog-that-could.

I felt really depressed after my kitty died, so much so that I didn't even have the energy to write in my blog for a while. But your comments and emails trickled in: vignettes about your beloved pets, and words of strength and kindness during a time of loss and transition. I realized what a special little community is growing here.

This weekend I went to Sonoma for a bachelorette party of one my best friends. One of the girls at the party asked me, "Mara, what is your blog about?" I thought about it for a bit before replying, "I try to say something interesting about something interesting (adulthood)." No more. No less. "Hmmm," the girl replied, "Sounds pretty cool." I smiled.

Yeah, it is pretty cool.

[*]At Bloggy Bootcamp a speaker once said don't write more than 250 words! Yeesh! How can you say something interesting about something interesting with such limited word count?

[**]And sometimes, not just 'food for thought', but just food. As in recipes. Because I love to eat. And because, as I have said before, one of the perks of being an adult is being able to use sharp knives and hot ovens and stoves without supervision. And while I have a few battle injuries (4 burns on my arms from reaching into the oven without long enough mitts), the fruits of our efforts are just delicious.


  1. We only read this post because we thought Obama was your professor... just kidding :)
    Glad you are back and energized and ready to say something interesting about something interesting. We love that. Sometimes we just concentrate on saying something about something... while of course eating something or about to eat something. That whole loving to eat thing - we have that ;)

  2. Cute post!! What happens if we say something really interesting about something not-so-interesting?? Lol... I think that can work sometimes too:) I LOVE your newfound inspiration, keep up the fabulous work!! xo

  3. My goal in journey of adulthood is to find interesting things to say to interesting people...sometimes finding the latter can be tricky.

  4. Aww I am sorry about your kitty, but I love this post :-) I adore your writings (hmm is that a word)!

    And your Twitter about Blog Blog and rolling over the neighbors dog got me over here so there ya go, you said something interesting and it worked! Though, I would have been here anyways! ;-)

  5. My (current) beliefs:
    1. A blog under 250 words would only be a goal if you blogged every day. That said, I am verbose and I my posts are roughly 900 words. But I don't blog every day and neither do you.
    2. My favorite thing about adulthood at the moment: The alcohol flows freely and I can curse without fear of retribution (dirty looks from the "squares" don't count).

  6. I'm sorry about your kitty. Bluesy was a cutie. :)