Monday, August 23, 2010

Notes on Adulthood: August 23

Everyday we learn something. This is how we grow. Here is what I learned this week.
  1. In adulthood, people you love will move away sometimes. Unless they are going to join a team of researchers on Antarctica, you can probably keep in touch if you care about them.
  2. Everyone thinks their family is "crazy."
  3. Fifteen pounds of barbecue is a lot of barbecue.
  4. And from my husband: Time won't make itself.
Irrelevant photo of two giraffes in love by me.



  1. I saw you over on SITS and thought I would stop by and say hi. Super cute blog. It is always fun to find other bloggers in my hometown. :)

    I laughed at your 6th grade soccer hair...isn't that the truth?

  2. Love giraffes, agreed about crazy families and sounds like we're coming to your house next time there's a BBQ!