Monday, August 2, 2010

Notes on Adulthood: August 2

Every day we learn something....Making most of these lessons is how we keep growing....

1. Adulthood is having to plunge the toilet yourself.

2. Adulthood is adopting a kitten and finding out she has seizures, and then committing to pay hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to diagnose and treat her.

3. Adulthood is complex emotions: this week, it is being the Maid of Honor in one of your best friend's weddings and crying as she says the vows because you are just so happy for her.

4. Adulthood is about making hard choices.

5. Adulthood is missing the FedEx too many times in a row and then having to drive 23 miles in traffic to the last exit in San Diego before the Mexico border to pick up your box.

6. Adulthood is drinking local wine in Sonoma, overlooking a vineyard and thinking, "I am grateful."

7. Adulthood is meeting people who are wiser and listening to the wisdom they offer you.



  1. Well, I think I just got a little wiser after reading that blog posting. #excellent

  2. We would be most grateful to join you in that glass of wine, hell, after a few glasses we might even plunge your toilet!