Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Dinners

I moved in with my husband a little over two years ago when we came to San Diego. One of my favorite things about living together has always been... dinner.

Cooking dinner was special in the very beginning because we lived with his sister-in-law and we rarely had the chance (or more likely a reason) to cook for just the two of us. When we did, everything from grocery shopping to cleaning up after eating was like part of a date and we made it fun.

We moved into our own place after a few months and grocery shopping and washing dishes became less and less exciting but we still love cooking and eating. My favorite thing though, is something we started doing last December after he came home from deployment: Sunday night dinners at the local German restaurant.

That's right. Every Sunday. German food and dark beer. Best thing ever.

It's been 9 months now so the waitresses know us by name and because I am so boring they know what I am going to order. It's the best two hours of the week. We catch up on anything we haven't gotten to talk about and just have a big relaxing meal that we don't have to clean up. We have a tradition.

One day, our little family will be a party of three or four instead of just the two of us so I'm really enjoying these miniature family dinners and all this German food.

What about you? What family traditions have you started around dinner and food?


Photo by avlxyz via flikr


  1. We now host the big Christmas Eve dinner at our house - the entire family comes over for a traditional Italian feast. It's a lot of work but also a LOT of fun!

  2. For us, we cook a huge breakfast on Sunday. I look forward to it each week :)

  3. Love these examples. Today our "family dinner" was me bringing left over chili onto the base where he has to work late tonight and eating in his office :)