Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving - Phone Update #3

I am currently in the process of moving from one apartment to another. This means I no longer have access to internet on bf's computer (my computer needs a new motherboard apparently). Therefore, you get another iPhone blog!

What do you do if you are moving residences and you receive a census form at both addresses? Further, it asks you who lives at the residence as of April 1, 2010 and since we are still technically living at our old apartment AND our new apartment until April 18, 2010, how should we answer that question without duplicating ourselves?

Other thoughts on the census: this is the first time in history that married gay couples can be counted as a such! Progress comes in baby steps, I guess.

How about you? Have you filled out your census information yet, or are you waiting until after April 1 to send it in?

FYI - blogging from a phone is very time consuming! I am off to get cable/internet installed and my computer fixed.

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