Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Almost Valentine's Day!

I have done it again. I have been baking and not blogging. But coming up tomorrow (just in time for Valentine's Day), I shall provide you with the best darn Red Velvet Cupcake recipe ever (this one is topped with cream cheese frosting and shaved coconut)! I made them tonight and accidentally ate too many! Why, oh, why, do I always do this to myself? Maybe I am am glutton for punishment. Or maybe I am just a glutton.

Also, tomorrow I have lots to say. Real stuff. Not just cupcake chatter -- well, maybe a little cupcake chatter because I have to give you the recipe, but otherwise I want to get down to business. As much as I want to just bake all day and think of nothing else, part of being an adult is thinking on things, like the bf's possible job loss, like moving, and relationships (you know, the things you try to put off because they are too unpleasant/stressful/draining to deal with). And not just thinking, but doing. It takes quite a strength to just get up and deal with the things you don't want to think about. This is a skill I am still learning.

In the meantime, I bake! (For better or for worse.)

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