Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vows Under the Rotunda

Today I am so excited to feature some pictures on the blog for our first official wedding post!

Elizabeth and Shaik (who live in San Francisco's NOPA area, those lucky ducks) couldn't reconcile between having a small, intimate ceremony in the beautiful "Beaux-Arts"-style City Hall Building that they had always admired, or whether to have a large wedding with all the pomp and circumstance. After much thought, Elizabeth and Shaik realized, "Hey, why are we anguishing over this when we can do it all?"

Shaik wanted a traditional wedding in his hometown in Malaysia to celebrate with his 500 close family and friends (he actually has 500 family and friends -- that is not an exaggeration!) Elizabeth wanted a classic and elegant wedding in California with her closest family and friends. Travel costs for all family and friends prohibited them from doing one big wedding, so they initially decided on two, big, separate weddings. Through all their planning of the two big weddings they realized something else they wanted: to share their vows of love and partnership in a quiet setting, in the city they adored, surrounded by only a handful of family and friends, Elizabeth wearing a little white dress and her favorite yellow peep-toe pumps, and Shaik wearing his sharpest Navy suit. Why compromise?

On July 3, 2009 they made their first dream come true. They were married in the rotunda of City Hall, under the fifth largest dome in the world.

In case you have never visited the building, here is a picture. It is really stunning!

Here is the couple walking to the City Hall (and there was no fog!)

And in front of the City Hall before the ceremony.

Here is the homemade bouquet that I made for Elizabeth. I wrapped the stems in Elizabeth's favorite old yellow silky shirt. Though the shirt hasn't fit for years, Elizabeth couldn't part with it because she loved the pretty material so much. She knew she would use the material for something special -- and did she ever! If you look closely, you might even see the buttons!

Here they are signing the marriage lisence.

The beautiful bride!

I love this sweet candid shot, stealing a glance before the big moment.

On the famous staircase.

And the dip!

So, I guess it is true that for your wedding you really can have your cake and eat it too! Elizabeth + Shaik + a simple, intimate ceremony + an elegant U.S. wedding + a traditional Malaysian destination wedding = total awesomeness. Thank you so much Elizabeth and Shaik for sharing your beautiful and sweet day with us. We can't wait to see more pictures from your U.S. wedding and your Malaysian wedding!

How did you celebrate your special day? Send me your story and any pictures to be featured on the blog to

(City Hall building picture credit to Nicholas Shanks.)


  1. So glad you could be there for the festivities! Wouldn't have been the same without my maid of honor!