Thursday, June 25, 2009

Defining Adulthood, a continuing discussion. And, YES! Our first GUEST BLOGGER is almost here!

I had a few conversations with some readers today about the idea of "adulthood", and how yesterday's posts may have not accurately captured all that is "being an adult." My wise readers pointed out, it is not just about having a job, or being married, or having kids, or being "responsible" that makes you an adult. For example, one reader, Danna, (soon to be guest blogger, I hope) is 27 years old, successful, and just got a huge tattoo on her back. Another of my dear readers is taking 4 months off work to travel around the world with her beau. Both are embarking on exciting, fantastical, indelible adventures. Making those kinds of exhilarating choices for oneself has to be one of the greatest things about being an adult.

So, we must also include in our Manifesto about Adulthood this: wherever our "adult" path takes us, all experiences are equally valued here. Because, as adults, we have the choice to be accountable and present in our own lives -- to live with intention. Adulthood is more than a word, or a cliche. Here, we will reclaim Adulthood as a movement. And that is something that is pretty cool.

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